A Good Sign

About Us
The translation of the Bible is being done by a group of people, to whom God placed on their hearts evangelization
among deaf people. These pages are created by both deaf and hearing people. What connects us?
We believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins and rose from death, so that everyone who believes
in Him could live with God for ever. We want to translate the Bible for deaf people, to help those who are seeking
Jesus to find Him. Our work may be used by anyone who desires to help deaf people to take part in home groups
or church services.
We will place on the web songs and testimonies translated into sign language.
Essential support is given by the Evangelical Bible Institute in Poznań. This is a group of evangelical believers,
academically educated in Bible translation, but not bound by any denomination. The Evangelical Bible Institute’s
goal is to PROMOTE – the knowledge of the Scriptures in the original languages, PROPOSE – Bible translations from
the original languages into the Polish language and HELP those who are looking for God’s truth in finding its source.
http://www.feib.pl/. We also cooperate with professional deaf sign language interpreters.

A Bible for the Deaf
Welcome to the webpages of a project group working on a Bible translation for Polish deaf people.
Believers from different Christian denominations in Poland, the Evangelical Bible Institute and representatives
from organizations supporting deaf people are engaged in this project together. What is our goal? We desire that
God’s Word be proclaimed in an understandable way to every person who wants to know Him for themselves and,
of course, this includes those who use deaf sign languages. We are aware of the magnitude of the work we are facing,
but also of the importance of this task. In Poland there are around one million people with hearing impediments.
These include those who are completely deaf and those who are hard-of-hearing. Many of them do not use
spoken Polish as their native language. A special language was created for them through the use of hand signals,
which is known as the Polish deaf sign language. Unfortunately, this language is not  completely the same
across Poland as different dialects and versions exist. We recognize the need for God’s Word to reach deaf
people in the language they use on a daily basis. A translation of the above text is given in Polish deaf sign
language in a simplified form.

The translation of the Bible from the original languages into the Polish is done by the Evangelical Bible Institute
in Poznań. In these days of dynamic technological development, the rapid transmission of information and invention
of many gadgets to make daily life easier, the natural human reaction is perhaps understandably amazement,
that a translation from one language to another could be such a tough task. For the deaf sign language this is the case.
Why? First, this is a language with different syntax and construction of sentences, and without phonetics.
The idea that you can simply write words down in Polish and then be fully understood by a deaf person is
unfortunately incorrect. The Deaf Sign language is not same as the Polish spoken language, in addition there are
no words in sign language which hearing people commonly use. People who can hear use about 10,000 words
in fluent conversation whereas deaf people use between 500 to 2,000 sign words to communicate.
This huge difference results from the fact that sign language is not growing in such a dynamic and common way
as the phonetic one. In order to translate the Bible many new language terms and signs for various activities,
objects and people appearing in the Bible have to be created. This project, in many ways, could be compared
to the work of Martin Luther, whose translation of the Bible into the German language, effectively unified
the language into one common and literary language for the whole of Germany.
Martin Luther’s translation is still used in German churches.

We would very much like to encourage you to consider cooperating with or supporting this project.
How can You help?
If you are in a fellowship of believers, please pass on this information about our
work to your Pastor or Elders.
We are looking for prayer support and, of course, for contact with deaf people.
Thank you.